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10 Tips to Save Water

As humans, our use of water is constant, from house appliances to the shower. For this reason, every March 22nd we celebrate the World Water Day. In honor of this day, Better Planet has decided to make a list of fun facts and tips to better take care of this important element for today and our future.

Did you know…

  • The Earth only exists thanks to the presence of water
  • The Earth is made up of three quarters water
  • Only a small percentage of the water on the Earth can be used by humans
  • 70% of the human body is made up of water
  • 95% of our brain’s weight is made up of water
  • 85% of our blood is made up of water
  • 90% of our lungs are made up of water

Tips to conserve water

  1. Shower instead of bathing, as a short shower uses 50 liters of water whereas a bath needs 200 liters to fill
  2. Only use the washer and dishwasher when they are full
  3. Be responsible with how many loads of laundry you run
  4. Use a water control system for your toilet
  5. Don’t use the toilet as a trashcan
  6. Keep in mind the consumption of water and energy when buying new household appliances
  7. Bathe young kids together
  8. When showering, collect the cold water that comes out as you wait for the water to heat up. That way you can put that water to use, such as watering plants.
  9. Shower in the morning to reduce evaporation, as the temperature in the morning is cooler.
  10. Keep plants that don’t require much water

At Better Planet, we teach different workshops about sustainability, recycling, or climate change. In this way, children learn English in a fun way while learning to be ecologically conscious.