Better Planet

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A world leading company in education and children's entertainment.

We belong to the Education and Leisure Integral group which has been developing face-to-face education and entertainment programs for children and families since 1996.


STEAM based program which teaches English while improving academic performance and developing personal growth through our unique Edutainment Methodology.  We adapt to the needs of each client, that’s why we have a variety of interactive theater shows with puppets, actors and music.



Acting allows for the development of children’s creativity and for a boost in self-esteem.

It is an integration tool which enhances personal self-confidence through dramatic play and favors socialization. Furthermore, it improves concentration capacity, attention span, and reflection skills among children, resulting in a better academic performance.



Better Planet uses original music in workshops and plays as part of children’s learning. Music is a key element in children’s life and brings great benefits like security, concentration and body language stimulation. All of this improves their sense of rhythm and body coordination through music while providing emotional security and self-confidence.



They encourage communication of their needs and favor the resolution of disputes.

Recreation of different life scenarios help children have a better understanding of their environment from the perspective of a puppet and fantasy world.

Their handling also helps children develop fine motor skills.