Better Planet

We offer a program in a completely English-speaking environment.

Kids learn without realizing it as they acquire new vocabulary, correct pronunciation and English language knowledge in a fun and original way!

Educational Theater in School

Better Planet is the best option for educational theater in schools. Learning and improving English has never been so fun! Our plays, with original characters and music, educate and entertain kids while focusing on important topics such as art, the importance of reading, music, health, as well as caring for nature and learning fundamental things about themselves. The kids also participate in the plays helping the characters solve conflicts and overcome challenges. Using new learning tools, it proves to be an original and very fun way to teach youngsters.

School Workshops

With our interactive workshops, we complement English learning while also completing basic school curriculum for kids. Based in theater, music, puppet shows, and arts and crafts, our workshops introduce the worlds of art, music, reading, health and nature. All of this is done through an imaginary world which fosters their creativity and curiosity for the world around them, helping them be better people

After School Programs

A complete program featuring workshops tailored to age group so that the kids perfect their English while learning about academically inspired and fun themes each week. The kids travel to differently themed planets throughout the program learning about art, music, reading, health, and the environment in an original and fun way.

Better Planet Camps


At our camps, each day takes place at a different planet where the kids have fun and learn English without realizing it. Theater, songs, puppets and fun characters that form part of each planet create an environment which brings out the best in each kid. Our camps can work both outdoors and indoors.


Better Planet is the ideal partner for events at malls, fairs, corporate parties or even government and town hall events. Working both indoors or outdoors, our events combine plays and crafts where children, in addition to learning English, will have a lots of fun due to the amazing characters on our fun variety of planets.

Parties and Celebrations

Awareness Campaigns

We are the best partner for institutions or companies trying to transmit their values in a fun and enjoyable way to families via Social Marketing. With Better Planet, in addition to improving English skills, kids learn about important social topics such as the importance of nutrition or taking care of the environment together.

Services-marketing strategy

Brand Activations

Brand Activation or product launches are some of the strategies that Better Planet helps companies with. For example, we give a new book or a child hygiene product, with branding, at the same time we educate them in a fun and original way.

Services- Parties and Celebrations

Parties and Celebrations

Our parties combine fun, theater and music so that kids can have the best time celebrating any special occasion. With Better Planet, kids will spend an unforgettable day having fun with puppets or making original crafts to take home.